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  • Reyansh of std V A secured 1st prize in the All Kerala Carnatic Music competition organized by Sree Poornathresha Sangeetha Sabha,Thripunithura.
  • Dharmic of Std VI,was adjudged as the winner of the under 13 boys single and doubles category at the Ernakulam District Badminton Championship,2019.
  • Alokjith of Std IX was the winner of the under 17 boys singles and under 15 boys singles and doubles.
  • Diya Krishnan of std II won the 2nd prize in the drawing competition on World Environment Day, organized by Social Forestry Central Region, Ernakulam.
  • Ann Suhas of Std XII won a Silver Medal and Angel Suhas of Std VII won the Bronze Medal in the Kerala Boxing Championship 2019.
  • Dharmik Sreekumar of Std VI won the 2nd position in the State Badminton Championship held at Calicut.
  • Kasinath of Std IX won the 1st prize for Mridangam and Surya Vinod Nambiar of Std X won the 2nd prize at the Vidyodaya Inter-School Music competition ‘Nadanirdari’.
  • Nandakishore P R of Std XII won the 1st Prize for Photography at ‘TEXODIA 2K19’ held at Bhavan’s Newsprint Vidyalaya,Veloor.
  • Saswatha Panicker, Meenakshi Rajesh and Radika Krishnan won the 3rd prize in the Reality Show ‘SreshtaBharatam’on Amritha TV.


  • Vaishnavi V. and Riya Jimmy of Std XI won the 1st prize for ‘Vartha Kalpika’,in the Inter School competitions held at Bhavans Munshi Vidyashram.
  • Neeraja of Std XII won the 2nd prize in the Elocution Competition in the TOC H, Inter-School competition and BVV also won the 1st Runners-Up Trophy.


  • Mohammed Hanan won the 2nd prize in Shot Put , Gouri Krishna L. won 2nd prize in shot put and Devika Rao 3rd prize in Shot put at the Ernakulam District Athletic Meet at Maharajas Stadium.
  • Hitha Maria Jose and Megha P Warrier won the under 11 girls category at the Assissi Vidyaniketan Badminton Championship.
  • Dharmic Sreekumar, Ram R Venugopal, Harshwardhan and Kanishk are the Runners –Up in the Assissi Badminton Championship.
  • Manuel k Mathew won the 1st prize in the painting competition ‘Child Art Exhibition’ conducted by Global Public School.

Percy Rebecca of std Xii received the Adi Sankara College of Engineering and Technology young scientist encouragement award.

Bhavan's Varuna Vidyalaya won the first position in the All India Bhavan's Science Exhibition conducted in Bhavan's Eroor. Our school team got consolation prize for Mathematical Modelling


Hindu Young World Quiz

Krishnarpith Nettayikkodath and Rohan R Venugopal won the third prize in the Hindu Young World Quiz.

Ernakulam District Mini Athletic Meet.

In the Ernakulam Mini Athletic Meet held at Maharajas Ground, our school became the Under 12 category winners.

Gaurikrishna L created a new meet record in Shotput girls under 12 category.

National Innovation Award

Dr Pradeep. P.Thevanoor National INNOVATION AWARD(PPTIA) 4th Edition 2018.

Out of 2000 teams that participated in the competition and after a 4 levels of judging process that spanned over 4 months, top 5 national teams were selected for the finals, and after vigorous judgment by IIT jury members, the Project “BIO PURIFICA” was given the FIRST PRIZE in the national school level. The team comprises of Vasant Joseph and Jerry Zachariah Jose of Class 12 bagged the First prize and they got the NATIONAL INNOVATION AWARD and a cash prize of Rs 50,000.

Commerce Quiz

Bhavan's Varuna bagged the first and second position in the Commerce Quiz conducted by Yuvan Management Studies in association with KCF.


Football Tournament

In the under 19 CBSE Football tournament Bhavan's Varuna Vidyalaya has secured 2nd position out of 80 teams.



Guinness World Records

The longest line of note books is 1325.1m (4347 tt. 5.3 in), Achieved by Bhavan's Varuna Vidyalaya (India), in Kerala India on 19 March 2018

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ISA Award

Bhavan’s Varuna Vidyalaya was accredited by the British Council for the outstanding development of the international dimension in the curriculum and was given the International School Award. The British Council is the United Kingdom’s International Organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities.


The following students have won prizes and selected for state level in the 18th Ernakulam District Cadet Taekwondo Championship 2017 organised by Taekwondo Association of Ernakulam.

  • Gouri Parvathy VII - Gold Medal
  • Arundhati Kottarath VIII - Gold Medal
  • Ashwin S. Menon VII - Gold Medal
  1. Krishnarpith Nettayikkodath has won 1st Rank (Zonal level) in the FTRE exam conducted by FIITJEE.
  2. Ms. Lakshmi Sanker has been awarded the Talented Teacher Award by FIITJEE.
  3. Ms. Ganga Varma has been awarded the Best Teacher Award for the year 2016-2017 by SOF in the district level.
Our school bagged second prize for dance competition for category 8,9,& 10, in “BUNENTANZ”held at Bhavan’s Newsprint Vidyalaya, Velloor.
Alok Jith of Std. VII has been selected for the National Level Badminton championship to be held at Nelloor, Andra Pradesh.
The school has received The British Council’s International School Award.
The following students have won prizes for Al – Ameen Freedom Quest:
  • Vishnu Vinay - 1st Prize - Pencil Drawing
  • M.S.Dhathri - 2nd Prize - Declamation
  • Saswatha I. Panicker – 3rd Prize – Malayalam Elocution
In the CBSE Volleyball Tournament held in Ernakulam our Boys’ team won the 2nd Prize and Girls’ team won the 3rd Prize. Arundhati B. Of std. VIII and Baseeth Badusha of std. XI are selected as the “Promising Players”.
In the Bhajan Competition held at Dhathatreya Temple, Desom, Bhavan’s Varuna Vidyalaya won the 1st Prize.
In the Interschool Music Competition “Lemubest” held at Bhavan’s Eroor, Bhavan’s Varuna Vidyalaya bagged the 1st Prize for “Nadanpattu” and 2nd Prize for Hindi Patriotic Song.
  • Aravind D. Of Std. VI won 1st Prize and Gold Medal in the State Taekwondo Championship held at Kollamkode, Palakkad District.
  • B.R. Daya of Std. VIII has been selected in the Mini-Volleyball Championship (District) team.
  • Girls’ Kabadi team won 3rd Prize in the interschool competition held at Bhavan’s Munshi Vidyashram, Thiruvankulam.
'Magnum Opus- Zinios the power of knowledge' an inter school competetion was held at Bhavan's Girinagar and the students bagged prizes for the following events.
  • REPRESEEMODIFIC (Videography) First prize (Niranjan. M & Vasant Joseph)
  • CAZARELTESORO (Treasure Hunt) Second Prize (Gayathri Venugopal & Pranav Jayashankar)
  • TRASECOLARE (Surprise Event) Second Prize (Anasooya Nair, Aswin Krishna, Gauri Shilendran, Jerry Zachariah Jose & Mydhili)
  • SPIN A YARN (Weaving a story) Third Prize (Krishna Deepak & Parvathy Krishna)
  • JAM (Just A Minute) Third Prize (Aparna Panicker)
Principal Smt Usha.K received the 'Award of Excellence’ from Ernakulam Karayogam for her contributions in the field of education.
S. Chand "Teaching Excellence Award" was given to the principal Smt. Usha.K.
Amal.M. Ansari and Govind D Warrier won First Prize in the Inter-school Quiz competition on Economics and Commerce held at Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Eroor.
In the Inter House Football tournament, Jnanam secured the first position followed by Dharmam and Ahimsa in the second and third positions.
Bhavan's Varuna Vidyalaya emerged as the winner of "SAHITHEEYAM" an inter school literary competition hosted by Bhavan's Adarsha Vidyalaya.
WORD SPARK:1st prize Sravan Shankar, Saswatha I Panicker, Meenakshi Rajesh, Adithya Ajay (class V)
VERBATUM: 1st prize Aparna Panicker, Dhwani M S Potti,(class IX)
VYANJAKAM: 1st prize Keerthana Siva, Anand Mahadevan, Hiba Shihab, Diya Joji, V Gouri Krishna, Rishu Rajesh, Meenakshi Priyesh, Nanda Kishore P R, V Nitheesh Kumar, Akhila R (class X)
ANUNADH: 3rd prize Pooja Moosad, Nikithaa Nair, Abhishek Pavithran, Adwait M (class XII)
MANBHAVAN: 3rd prize Vani R, Vishnupriya L Prabhu, Sreelakshmi G, Achsah Cibi (class X)

In the KCSSC Kalolsav 2017 ,the following students are the winners :-
Vishnu V Shenoy got first prize in Mridangam and Tabala and Amith got third prize for Guitar.
Dhawani M S Potty got second prize for Anchoring and Third prize for Mono Act.
Amritha Vinod got first prize for English Essay Writing
Krishnarpith Nettiyakkodath got first prize for Pencil Drawing
Saswatha I Panicker got second prize for Malayalam Elocution
Devananda got second prize for crayons, M.S. Dhathri and Yedukiran got third prize for English Recitation and Light Music respectively.
Bhavan’s Varuna Vidyalaya was the 1st runner- up in the CBSE football tournament held at Bhavan’s Girinagar.
Students were taken to Navanirman Public school for a chess competition in which we got third prize in the LP category.

Students participated in the NAVA FETE 2017, hosted by the Navanirman Public school. Students bagged prizes in the following events:
• Water colour 1st prize (Gouri Shreya)
• Collage 1st prize (Anjali P Joshy)
• Installation 3rd prize (Grace , Namitha)
• Nail Art 3rd prize (Swetha, Anashma)

One of our teachers Smt. Shylaja, got an opportunity to participate in 'International Teacher Exchange Programme' organized by MHRD & CBSE from November 5 to 10 in Japan.

KCSSC FEST was conducted at Al Ameen public school, Edapally and Aswin Krishna got third for water colouring and Gayathri Venugopal got third prize for oil painting.

KCSSC FEST was conducted at Gregorian Public School, Maradu. Our students got the following prizes:
  • Story Writing English 1st prize (Mohith Nair)
  • Classical music 1st prize (Surya Vinod Nambiar)
  • Light Music 3rd prize oLight Music 3rd prize (Surya Vinod Nambiar)
  • KCSSC FEST was conducted at Toc-H Public School, Vyttila. We secured 1st prize for Thiruvathira.
  • Bhavan's Varuna Vidyalaya got "School Excellence Award' by Brainfeed.
Bhavan’s Fest winners
In the Bhavan's Fest at Bhavan's Kanjani for category 1 & 2. Gouri C Menon got first prize for Hindi Recitation, M.S. Dhathri got first prize for Malayalam Elocution & Yedukiran got second prize for English Elocution.
In the Bhavan's Fest at Bhavan's Eroor for category 3. Saswatha Panickar got first prize for Malayalam elocution, Radhika Krishnan got First prize for classical music, Gautham krishna P N got first prize for Mridangam, Anagha P Rao got second prize for Hindi Recitation & 3rd prize for Group Music.
Bhavan's Fest at Bhavan's Kakkanad for category 4,Surya vinod-first prize for Carnatic music, Dhwani M S Potty 2nd prize for English Recitation,Aditya third for Organ, Harikiran first for malayalam Recitation and second for Gita Chanting, Devabala third for pot decoration, We got first prize for Thiruvathira.Surya Vinod Nambiar was awarded the 'Bhavan’s Prathibha'.Bhavan's Varuna Vidyalaya emerged as the first runners up of the 22nd Bhavans Fest.
Bhavan's Fest at Bhavan's Newsprint Velloor for category 5.Vishnu Shenoy got first prize in Mrigangam & Tabala, Adheena got first prize in Veena, Austen Got second prize in English Versification and Aswin Krishna got third prize in Clay Modelling
Satwick Panicker and Mohit B Nair got 3rd prize for quiz in the Digital Fest conducted at Bhavan’sMunshiVidyalaya.
In Munshi Meet held at BVM, Eroor, Aryan H Menon won 2nd prize for high jump for kiddies boys. Anjali Joshy got 1st prize for 50 meters & 100 meters running race for kiddies girls and became the individual champion in kiddies girls category. GayathriGirish came in the 3rd position in high jump for kiddies girls. Arya Krishnan emerged 3rd & Gouri Krishna S 1st in the sub junior high jump for boys & girls respectively. Malavika S Kumar got 3rd prize for high jump for junior girls. Mohammed Hanan V.S got 1st prize in shot put & discuss throw and became the Individual Champion in senior boys category. BVV came in 2nd& 3rd position in relay for kiddies girls & junior girls category respectively.

Students participated in the 5th All Kerala State CBSE open Taekwondo championship 2017 at Thalassery and Bhavan’s Varuna Vidyalaya emerged as winners. BVV won 3 Gold, 2 Silver& 1 Bronze medal.The following are the medal winners.
Gold Medal
Shravan S Menon (Senior category under 45 kg)
Ashwin S Menon (Junior category under 48 kg)
ArundhatiKottarathil (Junior category under 30 kg)
Silver Medal
Adithya D (Junior boys under 75 kg)
Ashwin Shankar (Sub junior boys under 43 kg)
Bronze Medal
AdwaithGiri (Junior boys under 27 kg)
Barsa(Junior girls under 24 kg)
Jerry Zachariah and Vasanth K Joseph emerged winners in the CBSE Regional level Science Exhibition 2018 held at Toc-H Public School, Vyttila and got qualified for the National level.
The Principal Smt. Usha K was given the P.K Das Memorial Life Time Achievement Award for her meritorious service in Maths by Nehru Group of Institutions, Coimbatore.
Ms.Kalyani N.P has won the P K Das Memorial Best Teacher Award for Academic Excellence by Nehru Group of Institutions.
Ms.Aleyamma George won the P K Das Memorial Best Teacher Award for Computer Science by Nehru Group of Institutions.

Sri.Murugan has completed a course conducted by Asian Taekwondo Union and attained the International Coach License.

Anirudh Hareendranath came 2nd& Mohammed Hanan V.S emerged 3rd in short put at Central School Athletic Meet.

Aadithya Jaganath & Krishnarpith emerged 1st in the Hindu Young World Quiz conducted at Ernakulam Municipal Town Hall.

Bhavan’s Varuna Vidyalaya has been accredited for the outstanding development of the international dimension in the curriculum by the British Council and was presented “The International School Award”

Vishnupriya of std X and her mother Adv. Ranjanie were offered felicitation for the noble cause of rescuing a life.

Hariprekash J of std XI emerged runner -up in the Brain Bee Quiz conducted by All Kerala Neuroscience Dept.

Mohit B Nair and Satwick Panicker emerged in the 4th Position in THE HINDU YOUNG WORLD QUIZ.

Mohit B Nair and Divyaroop were the second runners up in the Oncology Quiz conducted to give awareness on cancer by Amrtha Hospital .

All Kerala Bhavans Scholarship
First rank holders
Krishnarpith N of std VI
Hariprakash J of std XI
Dershana S Nair of std XII (commerce)
Second Rank Holders
Amritha Vinod of std VII
Keerthana Sudheer of XI
Abraham Francis of XII (science)




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